Friday, March 31, 2006

MY HANDS............

MORPHOLOGICALLY, There are 8 fingers, 2 thumbs, 10 nails, pretty shapely, very much like female human hands and average in size…. ;;)

BIOLOGICALLY, 5 metacarpels, 14 phalanges, 20 muscles, 5 nail beds….all this multiplied by 2…. n ya…. pulp spaces in the terminal fingers…. all this very much intact.
(information courtesy: My li’l doctor sis, luv u sweetheart forever):-B

MATHEMATICALLY, can count up to 30 with much ease….although have 10 peers at their disposal….pretty far off though…. and not as efficient too….but come to rescue at times..B-)

THERMODYNAMICALLY, very unstable. Too frequent temperature changes owing to situations like exam results, great achievements, failures, close encounters, special rendezvous. Adrenaline rush plays its part too at the same time… :)

ELECTRICALLY, now this is in a fix. When positively charged people are attracted to much extent, the negatively charged people are repelled badly at the same time. Now the law of charges makes them negatively charged, which they are not..[Sorry sir COULOMB .. I failed to justify you sir..] :-S

PHYSICALLY, can lift up to 25 Kgs of weight and on a perpetual quest for yet better weight lifting milestones… plans to be the next Karnam Malleswari..though..for God’s sake :->

AESTHETICALLY, not the greatest. Pretty normal and average. However, no efforts, so far have gone into preening.. whatsoever. Probably a good menicure, some nail enamel n a few diamond and precious stone rings someday, would make them presentable or so called beautiful hands…. but then its not important as of now... O:-)

THERAPEUTICALLY, can work wonders, when they go about with the truest of hearty intentions. Believe me ;)

RELIGIOUSLY, very phanatic. Are automatically joined at the sight of a gurudwara, temple, church or mosque. Quite religiously follow every religion. So they get united, whenever they should. Unity in!!….perfect example….whao!! ;;)

ASTROLOGICALLY, Heartline, Careerline, Fate line are all fine but what’s interesting are a number of foreign lines, one affair line, very luxurious life….... 8->

ACCOUSTICALLY, can make quite loudest of a clap sound n fingerly sounds as well..dunno the English word for “CHUTKI”.…as I call it... =D>

ECONOMICALLY, quite spend thrift with currency notes. The upper limit for a casual spending is just 100 bucks. Any amount above that is thought of twice by the big boss BRAIN….before going about. Its all about money honey!!!.. ;)

CHROMATICALLY, wheatish predominantly,but the palm is pinkish to quite an extent( thanx to the litres of the cream of spinach soup that have gone into them…n have taken me out of that ANEAMIA..gosh!!!)..but the zigzag blue viens are a bigtime spoil sports…then those blue n black coloured stains of ink….owing to extreme carelessness in holding pens..huh!!.. :

POLITICALLY, have voted twice till now. Brought Congress party to power both the times. So quite a lucky charm with congress people….say thanx….u owe so much to these hands… ;)

ARTISTICALLY, quite good. The proofs have bin very well showcased on the walls of my bedroom. Drawing room wasn’t quite worthy of that stuff…. Bigtime loser..huh!! ;)

CALIGRAPHICALLY, winner of a handwriting competition by CAMEL long back…haven’t got any chance to repeat history lately…..CAMEL guys. …r u listening?? B-)

CULINARILY, can cut into dices, slices and juliennes. Tossing and blanching is all I like to do with such a gorgeous display of veggies….they are too cute to be cooked!!!..

BARBARICALLY, have killed numerous flies, cockroaches, lizards, bees, ants….come to think of it….they were not the innocent ones….they threatened me at the first place…so got punished appropriately. :

AUTHORITATIVELY, can write a few cheques….. IndusInd bank and SBI….as of now…..but looking forward to putting my marks on a SWISS bank cheque books…..aaahhh..the feeling itself is so very enticing…. 8->

MUSHILY, have floored many a people with a warm touch…oops...

SAGACIOUSLY, have done things in the past. Yet to try out my hand at sagacity…..yet to work guys!!!

SPELL-BINDINGLY, awesome…. ;) ..the spell is such that no amount of anti spell can work…perhaps the victim doesn’t want to come out…. Can’t help..!!! :D

BASICALLY, proud hands of a young lady…. who is very passionate about each of her belonging.

SIMPLY, they are hands of The RAGINI TANEJA.......
Now if you come up saying, "YEH HAATH MUJHE DEDE RAGINI".. then i have my excuses ready.. ;)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

You LOVE me or you love me not

You love me or you love me not
It's difficult to escape this thought
For i don't like any vagueness in my life
You say you don't, so atleast i may strive...

This world believes in keeping things unsaid
till the point it becomes inevitable
commitment is all that's feared..
why is it, is again questionable..

Saying your love out, isnt all, i know
You have got to feel it from within too
But what alone the feeling would do
Well..How about listening it from you?

You love me or you love me not
Its very very difficult to escape this thought
I am losing my patience, with each passing day..
why dont you say, what you should say..

I loved you with all my heart
Expressed it from time to time
You are quite aware of that
Why is it that you, Still choose to be quiet..

I know at times, its difficult to take a stand..
As you can't leave what's there in your hand
And you can't let your present be your future
I am sure, It isnt anything else but greed..
that's why, you aint ready to realise my need..

why don't you, toss a coin and and then say
Heads for if you do and tails if its nay
If the outcome doesn't please you much..
You have got your answer as such..

You love me or you love me not
this double bind, this fix..
this impasse, has its end or not?
A "yes" isnt what i foresee
You say you dont, so atleast i may feel free...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

what you SEE is what you GET!!!!

Watched, noticed, looked and spied
This is what i feel like these days
As i open my eyes in the morning
Shining bright sun is the first one to gaze

It seems as if its been waiting for me to get up
caressing me with its rays so pure
But i was lost in my own dreams
Being caressed with something even more

As i get up and wash my face
somebody in my eyes is next to cheer
This is the reason why i smile
Although there is nobody here and there

From my own little teddy to even the TV
It seems that everything has grown some eyes
And they all jus look at me
As i move out with my byes

Outside also, i am not spared
Of those haunting looks and those stares
They are still acceptable to an extent
But what aint are those whispers of my name being spelt

Cleaning my ears and looking around
As i make my move ahead
What i find is a wholesome mob
Escorting me with thier eyes to the bus stop

As i get seated in the bus
There's always a seat diagonally opposite to mine
And anybody sitting there always
Seems to be nothing else but all eyes

Although i feel being watched, But i dont really feel curious
As to who is the person,and why i am being watched
All i feel is to put my best foot forward, n dont look at all dubious

For the world now seems a large amphitheatre
With the center stage just enough to make me stand
Cheering me up to prove my worth
Assuring me that yes we are looking here

Whatever is the truth, Whatever is the reality
One thing is there for quite a surety
This is taking out the best of me
This is takin out the best of ragini

what's the SPEED of your LIFE?

Life has its own speed
I don't know why, god chooses it for u
Rushing up things, has been my cup of tea
Don't know why, life doesn't rush as i do

When i really want something,i want it the next moment
Or even the next hour, or the next day would do
But life has its own speed
You will surely get it, but the time is not upto you

Its not about how hard you try, or even the intensity of your wish
Its all about the right moment, which life chooses for you
Life has its own speed
You have the accelerator, but the brake is not with you

Waiting can be frustrating at times
At times u feel like giving up as well
But life's speed wont change
No matter you are in heaven or in hell

You can make your wait very special
You can make it memorable as well
Life's speed doesn't interfere in such matters
You make good use of time or else you may kill

Its better that you enjoy every moment
Make it full of life itself
Although you are waiting for bigger things in life
But who knows, how long you have been waiting for this moment itself?